I was born in 1950 to a middle class family in Highland Park, Illinois. My Dad died when I was 6 years old and my Mom raised two boys. I went to Deerfield High School and was involved in Football (Halfback) and Track (Sprints from 50, 100, 220 and 440 yard dash and involved in relays). I went to Orange Coast College and got my AA Degree in Psychology and went to Long Beach University and received my BA Degree in Psychology and Minored in Business. I started a Talent Agency, JAM Entertainment & Events in 1974. A Holy Spirit orchestrated meeting of a Godly man profoundly changed my life so I sold my business and began writing books and speaking on the Last Days in America. I authored one book in a trilogy of books called Operation 180 the Action Plan, which is about turning this country around in the Last Days. The 2nd book will be Last Days Ultimate Christian Prepper, which is about being prepared Spiritually and physically for the things that the Bible says will happen in the Last Days. The last in the trilogy is a yet untitled book about those left behind in the Rapture and how we can help those souls stay faithful to the Lord until the end.