Take a look at these great reviews of my latest work!

You will never find a more comprehensive book about Christianity, politics and preparing for end times. 

Reading Last Days Ultimate Christian Prepper was a big wakeup call and I will be preparing my life spiritually and preparing my house for potential disasters. 

This is an amazing reference book to have on my shelf in the case of natural disasters and I will know how to survive. 

Thank you Dennis for the hard work and attention to detail that was in involved in writing Last Days Ultimate Christian Prepper! 

What an accomplishment! 

Jamie S. 

Bellflower, CA


The Last Days Ultimate Christian Prepper by Dennis D Morrison does an excellent job of describing the trials and tribulations this country went through in coming up with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

First we had the Revolution. That God played His hand is illustrated in this book. The sacrifices our founding fathers made were extraordinary! Some lost their lives. Others lost their wealth. And still others lost their livelihood. That they had God in their lives is without question! 

Next to come is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These important documents were to serve this country indefinitely. God’s hand in the formation of these two important documents is evident. But man’s evil ways are leading us astray from the intent of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 

Dennis has laid out a course of action for the churches to take, and a set of things for each of us to do to prepare for the future. Now that we have listened, who will take heed? 

David H. 


Some people may look at the title and think this book only applies to Christians. That would be a mistake. This is a thoroughly researched book that not only informs the reader that the time is right for a cataclysmic event, but also instructs how to prepare for it. Whether this event is truly last days, or civil unrest in America, a nut job foreign dictator with nukes, or a natural disaster of gargantuan proportion this book will prepare you spiritually and substantially. For Christians, we are reminded that we have many responsibilities to prepare ourselves and our families and friends, but also to leave behind the gospel and the encouraging message of Jesus along with survival instructions for those that are lost. Mr. Morrison lays out a great case pulled from recent headlines and the Bible as to why end times are near. Christians may speculate they have the spiritual prep down, but they will find that they are woefully unprepared for the survival aspects until they are raptured. The author thoroughly researched the survival requirements, and the reader will be staggered by the breadth and depth that is in this book. A must read for those that want to be prepared for end times or survival in a lawless world. For those of you that think Man is basically good, a cursory review of history or the Bible is in order. When there no longer is any police or military presence, chaos and lawlessness reigns.    This book will prepare you for that eventuality. 

Mike L.


First and foremost let me say, Awesome book. Dennis D. Morrison has captured the true essence of the casual Christian today. God is talking and we need to wakeup and PAY ATTENTION! I have been a scholar of The Word of God for over 20 years, and Dennis has opened my eyes to a new prospective of The Word. The political side. For years we've been indoctrinated to the belief that there should be a separation between Church and State. In fact; thanks to Dennis and his God given wisdom, the truth is that the Church should be leading the State. We must take a stand for God and His plan for our nation or else we will continue to be lulled to sleep by the enemies plan. I encourage everyone to get your hands on a copy of ( Last Days Ultimate Christian Prepper ). It will give you a new prospective on The State Of The Union. 

Maryland H. 


Last Days Ultimate Christian Prepper was one of the most interesting books I have read recently. It was a fast read so much so that I did not want to stop reading. The author Dennis D. Morrison did a wonderful job in describing the importance of the America’s three most important documents, the Bible, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The way he brought these documents to life, showing their influence in the founding of the United States of America. Mr. Morrison’s research on the Revolutionary War and how God’s hand guided the founding of our country was most interesting as much of this was new information for me. As we prepare for whatever the future brings us we need to be ready both spiritually and physically. I strongly recommend Last Days Ultimate Christian Prepper as it is required reading for what lays ahead for you and our country. 

Tom P. 

Costa Mesa, CA

 In this, his second literary work, Dennis Morrison sounds a clarion call to all who will read and take heed to be prepared physically, materially,
but also, and especially spiritually for any and all Last Days scenarios.  He echos the alert for Christians of all stripes to heed the Words of
Scripture, God's holy and infallible Word, and be prepared for the Lord's Second Coming which will be unannounced coming as a "Thief in the
Night."  Also, this work provides much practical and material information for anyone and everyone who desires to be prepared and ready for
hard, difficult and chaotic times that can descend on our nation or any nation or nations.  That, in itself, is enough to recommend this work,
"Last Days Ultimate Christian Prepper."

Henry N.
Anaheim, Ca.