Many of the prophecies about the last days have been fulfilled. We now find ourselves deep in the last days, with time ticking down until Jesus comes back for His church. So where is the Christian church in America? It’s seemingly absent from the critical issues facing us today, like abortions-on-demand and the homosexual agenda, which God hates. Why have we not been about our Father’s business? The church, for the most part, has been silent on these issues because our government, political factions, and the media have made it socially unacceptable to speak out against them. We are Christians and also American citizens. So why haven’t we been up in arms about the healthcare program, tax increases, out-of-control spending, illegal immigration, open borders, voter fraud, and other issues?

For years, we have believed our government would take care of all our problems and we have given up our freedoms because we are just too busy having fun to care about the details. So in the mean time, the government has grown huge and incredibly liberal, leaving us in a blank stare at this Goliath of a government and not knowing what to do or what can be done at this point. We all know it is not right and is moving quicker every day in the wrong direction.

The answer to this question is deep in the Bible, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. When read properly, they release enormous power back into our hands in order to turn our country and government back to God and the people. It is now incumbent upon our spiritual leaders to connect our churches together and educate us on the principles set forth in them so we can take action as Jesus would.